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InsiderOnline Regulation and Deregulation
InsiderOnline Economic Growth
Heritage Foundation
Chap. 2 - Opening Pandora's Box: Contextualising The Precautionary Principle in the European Union in Uncertain Risks Regulated (pp. 38, 43)
Elizabeth Fisher (Faculty of Law, University of Oxford); Michelle Everson (Faculty of Law, Birbeck Univ. of London), Ellen Vos (Faculty of Law, Maastricht Univ.) & Joanne Scott (Faculty of Law, Univ. College London) (Eds.)
Routledge & Cavendish (Publ.)
The Oxford Handbook of International Trade Law, Part IV - Trade and...the New Agenda and Linkage Issues, Chap. 21 - Trade and Health (p. 617)
Jeffrey Attik (Faculty, Loyola Law School); Daniel Bethlehem, Donald McRae, Rodney Neufeld & Isabelle Van Damme (Eds.)
Oxford University
Jan. 2009
Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational  Law (Vol. 42) 
Feb. 2009
Risks, Scientific Uncertainty and the Approach of Applying the Precautionary Principle (p. 300)
Chang Fa Lo (Faculty, National Taiwan Univ. College of Law)


Michigan State University Journal of Medicine & Law (Vol. 28, No. 1) 
March 2009
Corporate Power and State Resistance in Latin America: Brazil's Use of TRIPS Flexibilities for its National AIDS Program (pp. 16, 21)
Matthew Flynn (Ph.D Candidate Presentation Prepared for
Eurasia Conference)
April 2009
University of Texas at Austin
​The Precautionary Principle in the WTO Multilateral Framework 
Liu Weiwei
Journal of China Collective Economy, China University of Political Science & Law
Aug. 2009
​Corporate Social Responsibility in the European Union: A New Trade Barrier? (pp. 250, 254, 255)
Tim Breitbarth, Phil Harris and Robert Aitken (Faculty, Marketing, School of Business, University of Otago)
(New Zealand)
Journal of Public Affairs
Vol. 9, Issue 4 
(Wiley InterScience, John Wiley & Sons Publ.)
Sept. 2009
Medberg Co. v. The Government of the Republic of Bergonia, Brief for Respondent (pp. iii, 7)
Team MO
Oct. 2009
​The Politics of Patents and Drugs in Brazil and Mexico: The Industrial Bases of Health Policies (pp. 13, 16)
Kenneth C. Schladen (Faculty International Development, 
London School of Economics)
Journal of Comparative Politics (City Univ. of New York) (CUNY)Vol. 42, No. 1
Oct. 2009
​Confounding Conventional Wisdom: Political, Not Principled Differences in the Transatlantic Regulatory Relationship (pp. 5-7, 30-31)
Alasdair R. Young (Faculty​ Int'l Affairs, Georgia Institute of Technology; formerly, Univ. of Glasgow)
Nov. 2009
HS 15204 - European Trade Policy Towards Developing Countries: New Challenges(Course Outline & Literature, Part B, Session 5)
Michael Bolle (Faculty ​Political Economy, & Director of Jean Monnet Centre)
Jean Monnet Centre for Excellence, Freie Universitat Berlin
Summer 2009
Steven I. Dutch (Ed.) (Faculty Geosciences Univ. of Wisconsin)
Salem Press
Dec. 2009
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University & Think Tank References - 2009

The New Face of European Environmental Protectionism: Forestry and Climate Change (pp. 2, 5)
World Growth
'Ecosystem-Based Management': A Stealth Vehicle to Inject Euro-Style Precaution Into U.S. Regulation (Washington Legal Foundation)
Effort to Expand 'Authentic Acts' in Europe Imperils Economic Freedom (Washington Legal Foundation)
Conflict Between International Treaties: Failing to Mitigate the Effects of Introduced Marine Species (p. 51)
Marnie Campbell, Anna Grage & Chad Hewitt (Faculty, 
Nat'l Centre for Marine Conservation
& Resource Sustainability, Australian Maritime College) (Tasmania 
, Australia)  
Jan. 2009
EarthJustice Legal Defense Fund: How Environmentalism Weakens U.S. National Security (pp. 3-4)
Kevin Mooney (Journalist)
Capital Research Center, Foundation Watch 
Feb. 2009
Fighting Against Biopiracy:           Does the
Obligation to Disclose in Patent Applications Truly Help? (pp. 146-147)
Jacques de Werra (Faculty, Intellectual Property Law, Law School of the Univ. of Geneva) (Switzerland)
The GMO Panel:  Applications of WTO Law to Trade in Agricultural Biotech Products (pp. 424, 428)
Gilbert R. Winham (Dept. of Political Science & Faculty of Law, Dalhousie Univ.) (Halifax, CN)
Journal of European Integration
Vol. 31, No. 3
Rutledge, Taylor & Francis Publ.
May 2009