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Summary: This Letter-to-the-Editor argues that, since France's high costs for employing workers constrains business and job growth as well as company investments and entrepreneurial risk-taking, France must rapidly undertake reforms which facilitate private property ownership.
Financial Times (London)
Jan. 2007
Summary: This article describes how Brazil has embarked on a global campaign, assisted by civil society activists, to establish a new global paradigm of intellectual property ("IP") rights 'public interest' exceptions and limitations that threatens U.S.-based private IP assets and operations.
38 University of Miami
Inter-American Law Review (Symposium)
March 2007
Summary: This article discusses how the WTO Panel in the EC Biotech Products case reaffirmed that a scientific risk assessment rather than a hazard assessment is the definitive WTO SPS Agreement benchmark for food safety regulation purposes.
Global Trade and Customs Journal (Kluwer Law Int'l)Vol. 2, Issue 3
March 2007
Summary: This article describes how the extra-territorial EU REACH chemicals regime is being imposed on global supply chains and likely violates WTO law.
Specialty Chemicals Magazine Viewpoint
March 2007
Summary: These related articles appearing in Porto Alegre, Brazil and Washington, DC review the multiple bases offered by the Brazil's Lula Government for its 'taking' of pharmaceutical patents for HIV/AIDS drugs for less than fair compensation.
Revista Leader Magazine (Instituto De Estudos Empresariais, Porto Alegre, Brazil) (Panel at XX Forum da Liberdade)
Washington Legal Foundation
Legal Backgrounder Vol. 22, No. 22
Summary: This Commentary describes why Congress must hold open and transparent public hearings regarding UN Law of the Sea Treaty accession.
June 2007
Washington Times Commentary
Aug. 2007
Summary: This article details how the EU and its Member States enlisted private regional environmental standards bodies to promote official government sustainable forest management policies that likely violated the WTO rights of developing country industries.
Global Trade and Customs Journal (Kluwer Law Int'l)Vol. 2, Issue 9
Oct. 2007
Summary: This Op-ed describes how the LOST's environmental provisions may impair U.S. freedom of navigation & innocent passage, and consequently, U.S. military preparedness.
Cape Code Times Weekend Forum
Dec. 2007

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