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Sept. - Dec. 2007 - ITSSD President at:  Seton Hall University School of Diplomacy & International Relations, as Adjunct Faculty Instructor of a course entitled, International Trade & Policy (syllabus
July 2003 - ITSSD Presentation at: Global Business Dialogue Symposium on Standards, Regulations and the Global Trading System, National Press Club, Washington, DC - Discussion Of The Findings of NFTC White Papers #s 1 & 2
Oct. 2003 - ITSSD Presentation at:  American National Standards Institute ("ANSI") International Policy Committee Meeting for Consideration at the InterNational Committee for Information Technology Standards ("INCITS") Policy Board Meeting, National Institute of Standards & Technology ("NIST"), Washington, DC - Discussion of Findings of Washington Legal Foundation Report'Unscientific' Precaution: Europe's Campaign to Erect New Foreign Trade Barriers
April 2005 - ITSSD Prepared Comments Submitted to:  American National Standards Institute ("ANSI") - Draft Revision to the United States Standards Strategy (USSS 2000) - discussing specifically Using U.S. Standards Strategy to Counter EU Global Standardization Strategy Efforts 

May 2004 - ITSSD Presentation at:   National Federation of Independent Business Small Business Coalition for Regulatory Relief, Washington, DC:  How EU Precaution-Based Regulations Are a Disguised Tax on U.S. Small Business
Feb. 2005 - ITSSD Presentation at:  National Wooden Pallet and Container Association's 2005 Annual Leadership Conference and Exposition, Tampa, FL, Education Session #1: The Impact of Globalization On Our Industry   (Industry Newsletter)
Dec. 2005 - ITSSD Participation at:  First Meeting of American National Standards Institute ("ANSI") U.S. Technical Advisory Group Meeting, for ISO Committee on Consumer Policy, ISO 26000 Guidance on Social Responsibility Standard - ITSSD Assessment of Evolving ISO 26000 Standard


Dec. 2003 - ITSSD Dialogue with:  Vietnam Directorate for Standards and Quality, Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, for the US-Vietnam Trade Council, Washington, DC:  Explanation of the Requirements of the WTO Technical Barriers to Trade ("TBT") Agreement With Respect to Technical Regulations and Standards Development
June 2004 - ITSSD Dialogue with:  Embassy of the Republic of Kenya, Washington, DC: Explanation of the International Trade Law Implications of Europe's Precautionary Principle for Developing Countries
Theme #1:  International standards should be science-based, cost-efficient, transparent, and developed through a process of openness and consensus, in order to facilitate international trade, investment and innovation and ensure sustainable health and environmental protection and knowledge dissemination.

Balanced, science-based and economically cost-efficient technical standards and regulations help to facilitate trade and investment flows, technological innovations, indigenous economic growth, and health and environmental protection needed to achieve sustainable development.​  Consensus-based international standards developed by recognized international standards bodies, treaty-based regulatory bodies, and private standards bodies operating within national jurisdiction, and national technical regulations, legislation and other measures promulgated and adopted by WTO Members in implementation thereof, must, at a minimum, be consistent with the provisions of the WTO Agreements, including the Sanitary and Phytosanitary ("SPS"), Technical Barriers to Trade ("TBT"), General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade ("GATT 1994"), and Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights ("TRIPS") Agreements. Technical standards, regulations and other measures must not be discriminatory and must constitute the least trade-restrictive alternative available considering the risks non-fulfillment would bring.

​ITSSD Programs - Theme #1 (2003-2007)

Science-Based & Economically Cost-Efficient Regulation