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RoHS Lead Ban
Lead-Free Electronics Assembly Forum​
Oct. 2006
US Intervention in EU Chemical Policy - Environmental Health Fund Report (p. 2)
​Strategic Intelligence Reports
Strategic-Road.com Geopolitical, Economy, Security & Technology Affairs
(here) /(here)
Administrative Law of the European Union: Rulemaking-Norm Creation (pp. 52, 54)
Peter L. Strauss (Faculty, Columbia Law School), Turner T. Smith, Jr. (Ret.) & Lucas Bergkamp (Hunton & Williams)
​American Bar Association, Section on Admin. Law & Regulatory Practice, Administrative Law Project on the EU
REACH For Chemical Safety  - Vol. 11, No. 6 Nov./Dec. 2003 (pp. 11-12)
Canadian Auto Workers Union (CAW)
​Ducking the Truth About Europe's GMO Policy - Trade Protectionism
​News Article
Zurich American Insurance Company​
Nov. 2004
.​ITS Global
ITS Global Newsletter
​The Impact of ​Environmental Policies on Dairy Trade 
(pp. 2-4, 7)
​The Impact of Ecolabels and Certification Schemes in Forestry on ASEAN  Timber Trade - Vol. 4 ​(pp. 40-41, 50)
ITS Global Report
.​ITS Global
​July 2004
Federal Preemption and State Anti-GM Food Laws​
​20 Legal Backgrounder
​Washington Legal Foundation
​Dec. 2005
To Provide ADR Owners With Certain Traditional SH Rights When Foreign Corporations Advocate on Significant U.S. Social Policy Issues or Significant U.S. Social Impacts
SEC Petition 4-525​
Request for Rulemaking
​Action Fund Management, LLC
REACH is Finally Passed into EU Law
Specialty Chemicals Magazine ChemSpec Online
​Quartz Business Media
Dec. 2006
​A View of New WTO Ruling on Genetically Modified Crops ​(p.34)
26 Biotechnology Law Report​
​Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.
​Feb. 2007
(here) /(here)
​Invoking the Waiver Provisions of Article 31: A Matter of Certainty or Precaution? ​(pp. 4, 20)
Shona Foster, (Award Runner-up) 
(here) /(here)
New Environment, Health and Safety Developments: The Silver Nanoparticles Case Study ​(pp. 15-18)
Paul Llewellyn​
​ReedSmith, LLP  Nanotechnology Teleseminar
Fazel papel de Robin Hood et nao e correto
​Forum da Liberdade trata do papel da Propriedade 
​Associacao Brasileira da Propriedade Intelectual
.New Threats to Globalization ​(presentation)
Saul Eslake, Former Chief Economist, Australia-New Zealand Banking Group
Australian-Thai Chamber of Commerce

​20th Asia Trade Promotion Forum

​April 2007

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