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Normentwicklung durch WTO-Gremien am Beispiel von Hadel und Gesundheitsschutz: der SPS-Ausschuss

Development of Standards by WTO Bodies on the Example of Trade and Health: The SPS Agreement (pp. 27, 41)

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Taking Stock of the Creative Commons Experiment: Monitoring the Use of Creative Commons Licenses and Evaluating Its Implications for the Future of Creative Commons and for Copyright Law (p. 31)
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on Communication, Information & Internet Policy
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​International Intellectual Property Institute
Nov. 2007
​ Date          Organization            Author                     Title                     Excerpt/Full Report

University & Think Tank References - 2007

A Biotecnologia na Esfera Publica Involvimento de Processos Participativos na Agricultura

Biotechnology in the Public Sphere Participatory Development Process in Agriculture (pp. 79, 106)
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(Washington Legal Foundation)
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Vol. 26, Nos. 2-3), Societe Quebecoise de Science  Politique(Publ.)
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