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Oct. 2007 - ITSSD Presentation at: Reserve Officers Association Defense Education Forum, Panel Debate: U.N. Law of the Sea Treaty - Historic Step Forward or Historic Blunder? - (video); Industry Brief: Law of the Sea Treaty  - article about the debate appearing in The Officer, a magazine of the Reserve Officers Association 
Oct. 2007 - ITSSD Presentation at:  Maryland Taxpayers Association's 74th Thursday Meeting, discussing why the U.S. Senate should not ratify the Law of the Sea Treaty (UN Convention on the Law of the Sea) without first closely examining its extensive environmental regulatory component which, if not first vetted by the several committees of Congress possessing subject matter jurisdiction, would adversely affect private property rights (photo)
Oct. 2006 - ITSSD Presentation at:  Tenth Annual Conference on Private Property Rights of the Property Rights Foundation of America,  Private Property Rights: The Record and the Vision, Albany, NY;  Closing Address - U.S. Private Property Rights Under International Assault  (flyer) (photo
.Oct. 2007 - ITSSD Presentation at:  Temple Political & Civil Rights Law Review Annual Symposium:  States as Laboratories for Social Change, Temple Beasley School of Law, Philadelphia, PA;  Panel 3 - Global Warming >  Individual Rights-Based Federalism Amid a Quickly Converging World; (Supporting Research) 
Feb. 2007 - ITSSD Presentation at: First Annual Good Neighbor Forum of Good Neighbor Law, Greeley, CO > What We Should Fear From 'Negative' Fear-Based Sustainable DevelopmentBackground Research and Opening Remarks for ITSSD Presentation at First Annual Good Neighbor Forum; Fort Morgan Times reporting about ITSSD Presentation - European Ideas Creeping Into the U.S.; The Tribune reporting about First Annual Good Neighbor Forum - Activist to Hold Good Neighbor Forum Feb. 24
March 2008 - ITSSD Presentation at: Second Annual Good Neighbor Forum of Good Neighbor Law, Cheyenne, Wyoming;  Closing Address- The Law of the Sea Treaty's Impact on Private Property Rights, and Conference Wrap (photo)
May 2008 - ITSSD Participation at:  U.S. National Defense University Center for Technology and National Security Policy, Conference on Unfrozen Treasures - National Security, Climate Change and the Arctic Frontier, Washington, DC:  ITSSD Convened Panel: Laws of the Sea: Changing Air, Land and Sea Routes (pp. 168-219);  ITSSD Presentation: Arctic Escapades: Can the Precautionary Principle Be Invoked via the UNCLOS to Undermine U.S. Polar Interests? 
Theme #3:  What goes around comes around; international and extra-territorial foreign laws cannot be ignored.  Unless efforts are robustly undertaken to better shape emerging progressive international law so that it more fully incorporates and reflects the balanced, benchmarked and traditional rule of law precepts of our unique federalist U.S. constitutional system, international law and extra-territorial foreign laws can and will ultimately have an adverse impact on the shape, form and tenor of U.S. domestic laws. 

Emerging international and extra-territorial regional standards and regulations, whether enacted by foreign governments or by intergovernmental organizations or international treaty bodies or tribunals, can potentially trigger the reform or modified implementation of domestic laws, regulations and case law, and consequently, result in the abridgment of national constitutional rights and protections, including exclusive private property, free speech and other guaranteed rights.  For this reason, citizens must be vigilant to ensure that their elected representatives remain globally aware and cognizant of such promulgations to ensure that they are not adopted formally or informally in the United States, as either legislation, administrative regulations, judicial opinions, or presidential executive orders, memoranda or signing statements.   

​ITSSD Programs - Theme #3 (2006-2008)

International Regulatory Due Diligence