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Summary:  This article discusses how the Bush Administration's 2002 Climate Change Plan and the 107th U.S. Congress' energy and climate change bills present a viable sustainable development-based alternative to the Kyoto Protocol.
Summary:  This article documents Europe's long-term strategy to reform international trade rules for evaluating whether a technical regulation or standard constitutes a non-tariff trade barrier.
Summary:  This article explains why U.S. government and chemicals industry efforts to shape the evolving EU REACH regulation were both proper and consistent with WTO law.
Summary:  This article discusses how Europe, with assistance from civil society, has embarked on a campaign to export its higher cost regulations around the world under the guise of sustainable development.
Summary:  This article discusses how differently American and Europe view the role of science in evaluating public environment, health and safety risks/hazards.
Summary:  These articles question whether EU GM/GMO policy is actually disguised protectionism.
Seton Hall Journal of Diplomacy and International Relations
Vol. III, No. 2
Washington Legal Foundation Critical Legal Issues Working Paper

Series No. 118

EU Reporter
The National Interest (TNI)
Seton Hall Journal of Diplomacy and International Relations
EU Reporter
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