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Summary:  This article discusses how vivisectionist harassment of UK life science laboratories undertaking toxic chemicals testing and their employees and suppliers, and environmental activist harassment of UK bioscience companies and farmers undertaking GMO crops testing, constitute similar forms of 'economic sabotage'.
Summary:  This monograph documents the rise of the precautionary principle in Europe, its exportation to the U.S., and its impact on U.S. law and industry.
Summary:  This article discusses how the Brazilian Government's embrace of positive intellectual property recognition and protection policies can facilitate knowledge-based foreign direct investment flows that will encourage high technology transfer, technical skills spillovers, job creation, and indigenous  valuation.
Summary:  This Letter-to-the-Editor emphasizes that intellectual property (e.g., a patent) is important because knowledge is an intangible good that is not otherwise readily susceptible to valuation.
Summary:  This article discusses how a WTO Panel ruled that the extra-WTO European Precautionary Principle did not apply for purposes of the WTO SPS Agreement.
New Zealand Rural News
Washington Legal Foundation Monograph
International Journal of Economic Development (IJED) Vol. 7, Nos. 2-3
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Expert Foreword
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International Journal of Economic Development (IJED) Vol. 8, Nos. 1-2
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Summary:  This article discusses how the EU and EU-funded NGOs have endeavored to inject Europe's precautionary principle into U.S. law and business practices.