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REACHing For Your Wallets Or Your Lives

Summary:  This article discusses how, despite the WTO Panel's ruling in the Biotech Products dispute, the EU decided to adopt the Precautionary Principle-based REACH regulation.

REACH: A Disguised Trade Barrier That 'Takes' Private Property and Facilitates Global Regulatory Governance

Summary:  This article discusses how the extra-territorial EU REACH regulation violates WTO law because it imposes significant costs and burdens on global industry.

Invasion of the Property Snatchers

Summary:  This article discusses how U.S. politicians abducted by Aliens are silently replacing U.S. citizen's private property with public goods as they sleep.

Beware of the Flying Dutchman When Traveling to Brussels​

Summary:  This article discusses why the EU REACH regulation's author placed an antagonistic article in the Conde Nast Traveler magazine.

EU Trade Protectionism Must Yield to Non-EU Market Access Demands 

Summary:  This article addresses former WTO Director General Pascal Lamy's discussion of the relationship between WTO and non-WTO law. 

​​Polluting the Future of the WTO

​Summary:  This article discusses former WTO Director General Pascal Lamy's discussion of the possible future course for the WTO.

Terminating Global Warming, Energy Dependence or Private Property Rights?

Summary: This article discusses the possible objectives of the Western Governors' Clean Energy Plan.

​​Corporate Social Restriction  (co-authored)

Summary: This article discusses how the EU Commission is trying to reclaim the hijacked concept of corporate social responsibility as a voluntary industry initiative.

​DP World Erects Legal Firewall in the Face of Political Firestorm

Summary: This article discusses how the media furor over DP World's proposed acquisition of U.S. port concessions was politically motivated. 
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