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Ensuring Regulatory Agency (EPA) Transparency & Accountabilty via the Information Quality Act 

Summary: These talking points and white paper provide a public primer about using the IQA to prevent EPA from continuing to rely upon poorly peer reviewed science as the basis for its GHG emissions control regulations.
Sept. 2014
U.S. Regulatory Science/Int'l Climate Science
Freedom of Information, USEPA, and a Shift in the Regulatory Paradigm

Summary: This short article discusses how EPA's intentional circumvention of the Information Quality Act's peer review standards with respect to agency climate science serves the administration's broader purpose of changing the paradigm for regulatory science in the United States.
June 2014
Asia Law Portal
May 2014
ITSSD Website
Regulatory Transparency and the Public Trust: Do EPA's GHG Endangerment Findings Comply With U.S. Law?

Summary: This article discusses why EPA's apparent noncompliance with Information Quality Act peer review science process requirements betrays the public trust in the agency's climate science.
U.S. Regulatory Science/Int'l Climate Science
U.S. Regulatory Science/Int'l Climate Science
Why Should Congress Continue to Fund the U.S. Global Change Research Program ("USGCRP") and Federal Agency Climate Science-related Research Producing HISAs Not Peer Reviewed in Conformance with U.S. Law (the Information Quality Act?)

Summary:  This article describes how the Administration's multiple uses of USGCRP Congressional funding could lead to the use of more flawed peer review science processes to support further costly EPA GHG regulations.
July 2014
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​Library White Papers ​2014-2015

Local Sustainability Movement Rides Wave of Evolving Federalism to 'Axe' Private Property Rights 

Summary: This article synthesizes and summarizes the October 2014 ITSSD presentation delivered at the 18th Annual Conference of the Property Rights Foundation of America, in Albany, NY.
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U.S. Regulatory Science/Int'l Climate Science
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Jan. 2015