Non-Tariff Regulatory Trade Barriers & Sustainability
Regulatory Barriers to Trade: TBT, SPS & Sustainability Standards (references on pp. 39-41, 106-110, 116, 122)
RIO+ Conference on Sustainable Development
​Monitoring Sustainable Development: Contribution of Geospatial Information to the Rio+20 Processes (Background Document, the Secretariat p.35 )
​UN Committee of Experts on Global Geospatial Info. Mgmt. (UNGGIM)
Discerning The Forest From The Trees: How Governments Use Ostensibly Private &  Voluntary Standards to Avoid WTO Culpability
Position Papers
WTO Secretariat
March 2014​
The Precautionary Principle and WTO Law: Divergent Views Toward the Role of Science in Assessing and Managing Risk
European Security and Defense
Geneva Centre for Security Policy
Aug. 2013​
Select Bibilography
on Settlement
of ​ Disputes Concerning the Law of the Sea
Int' Tribunal on the Law of the Sea
​'ARA Libertad' Case Ruling Suggests Ever-Expanding ITLOS Jurisdiction (p. 50)
​UNIDO Binas Online
​Biotech Barriers Hurt Poor, Say NFTC
News May 2003
Sub-regional Workshop on Environmental Requirements, Market Access, Competitiveness(China, Thailand
the Philippines)
Feb. 2004
​Ducking the Truth About Europe's GMO Policy
​Headlines for Monday, Nov. 29, 2004
​World Bank Group
​Nov. 2004
​Looking Behind the Curtain: The Growth of Trade Barriers that Ignore Sound Science​ (NFTC#1)
​EU Regulation, Standardization and the Precautionary Principle: The Art of Crafting a Three-Dimensional Trade Strategy That Ignores Sound Science​ (NFTC#2)
​'Enlightened' Environmentalism or Disguised Protectionism? Assessing the Impact of Precaution-based Standards on Developing Countries​  (NFTC#3)
NGO Position Papers


WTO Secretariat​
​May  2005
Report by
Sabrina Shaw

​Risa Schwartz

​Nov. 2005
​SCP 16th Plenary Session Geneva
SCP Sixteenth Session Report (pars. 4, 57, 63, 73, 336, 345, 400, 440, Annex p. 17)
​Dec. 2011
​SCP Fifteenth Session Report (pars. 4, 34, 43, 55-57, 67, 71, 109, 153, Annex p. 18)
​SCP 15th Plenary Session Geneva
​WIPO Standing Committee on the Law of Patents
 May 2011
Scope of Patentable Subject Matter & Patent Rights​
​WIPO Secretariat
WIPO Report
on the International Patent System SCP/12/3/Rev.2
​WIPO Secretariat
INFOTERM Newsletter  INL 121/122
July-Nov. 2006
IGWG Public Hearings - Proposals & Recommendations
(p. 14)
​IP and Access to Essential Medicines
IP and
March 2009
​Websites on Trade and Environment
Information Sources for Trade and Environment
​UNESCAP Trade & Investment Division
Jan. -March 2007​
Feb. 2007​
2007 Annual Index
e-TISNET Information Sources
​UNESCAP Trade & Investment Division
​Jan. 2008
Original Fordham University School of Law draft (here)
​The Role of IP as a Barrier to Market Entry
​May 2009
​Masters Project: Sustainable
Development ​(by Elly Musafiri, National University of Rwanda) (pp. v, 51)
May 2011​
Promoting Trade and Investment in Climate-Smart Goods, Services & Technologies in Asia and the Pacific​ (Background Policy Paper authored by Jeffrey Crawford) (pp. 53, 64)
​UNESCAP & Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA
​Climate-Smart Goods & Services
.Dec. 2011
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