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Summary: This article discusses how common bases in Russian and U.S. history have triggered new thinking in Russia about how American experience in facilitating technological innovation through IP rights protection and cooperative government-university-industry technology transfer arrangements could help to secure the successful market commercialization and peaceful adaptation of publicly owned bio-warfare technologies.
Summary: This article discusses how U.S. trade relations with China have become more intense since China's WTO accession.  It identifies how the U.S. has insisted that China be treated as a 'non-market' economy, while China continues to engage in unfair dumping of low-cost goods which has adversely impacted U.S. producers and prompted the U.S. to respond with some disguised trade barriers.
Summary: ITSSD CEO participates in debate with U.S. Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski concerning whether the U.S. should accede to the UNCLOS at the present time without holding any open and transparent substantive public hearings to examine the UNCLOS' extensive environmental regulatory component.
Summary: This article identifies how certain American politicians were quietly working with European governments to 'change' America's regulatory landscape at the state and local levels, thus placing America's constitutionally guaranteed individual rights-based federalist system at risk.
Summary: This article explains the important governmental role in framing and implementing a well-balanced IP rights regime that can facilitate indigenous technology development, attract knowledge-based foreign direct investment and encourage technology transfer of government-funded basic research to the private parties most capable of commercializing the resulting inventions into market-relevant innovations
Rediscovering the Value of Intellectual Property Rights: How Brazil's Recognition of Foreign IPRs Can Stimulate Domestic Innovation and Generate Economic GrowthInIdeas, Innovation and Patents(Edited by C. Sri Krishna)
Washington Legal Foundation Legal Backgrounder
Vol. 23, No. 4
University of Washington Undergraduate Law Review
Vol. II, Issue 3
Congressional Quarterly CQ Global Researcher
Vol. 2, No. 8
ICFAI Law Books Division
ICFAI University Press

Andrha Pradesh (India)

Sept. 2008
Sept. 2008
Sept. 2008
Sept. 2008
Sept. 2008

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